Operation Cross Training starts by building upon a strong foundation. The Journal (tab on far left) provides excellent information and a platform to distribute it. Use it as a constant resource for learning and growing. The Events tab highlights tour dates, current events and future events. Always see what’s going on there! This page describes the training regimen as well as the building blocks of training and devotion to become a true Christian Warrior. This is a foundation to build upon, as everyone is called to be something different for God in the Kingdom. It is a resource for the basics, and a fun way (ranking structure) to achieve the basic foundation of being a Christian Warrior.
Ranking Structure

Ranking: Gain 1 Chevron For each Rank mastered. Operator will be awarded a diamond.

Recruit –> Cadet –> Officer –> Ranger –> Operator

Stars: Gain Stars for each discipleship study completed and passed.

Crosses: Gain Crosses for each feat of mental and strength test performed.

Specialty: Only after obtaining Operator rank will specialties be available. One arc is given for each specialty mastered. A double arc represents 5 specialties achieved. A triple arc with two shoulders (hollow center) represents 10 specialties achieved.

Diamond: Only after completing all training including the Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutritional Coach and the Certified Christian Coach will the diamond be awarded. This is the Commander level.

Small Stars: These represent a General (training manager) or Commanding General (facility owner – with outlined diamond).


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