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    The contributor page serves for a couple of reasons. It is our firm belief that God ask us to form as a body in Christ, as a fellowship all serving for the purpose of God's will. The best way to establish this is to, as a whole, collectively gather bits and pieces of the revelation and wisdom from each member and contribute that to the purpose of helping everyone see a larger picture on topics that are relevant and important to living as a modern day Christian Warrior. The purpose of the below form is to allow any and every one to contribute to current, past or future studies in hopes we can discern and understand truth. We, as humans know that God is too big for just one person (humans) to comprehend. We are simply seeking truth in life.

    If everyone knew everything and we all held the same belief system we would never have a need for Bible studies, research and debate. But, we don't and this makes life interesting. Go to the About Page to discover the core beliefs of Operation Cross Training and staff. With that said, every contribution which is sent to us is read, prayed over, compared to scripture and research, and discerned. Not every contribution may be accepted and used by Operation Cross Training to maintain our core values. We do always encourage you to send us everything you feel led so we can possibly use it.

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