Should Christians Celebrate Secular Holidays?

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truth_about_holidays  There are quite a few holidays in the world that people celebrate. But why? Well, to remember something special happened on those days. We celebrate birthdays to remember the beginning of our life in the world. We celebrate for job promotions, people being born again, etc… But what about traditional celebrations? Where did they originate from and what are we really celebrating? After reading through this and watching the media, you should be able to make an informed decision yourself about what you celebrate.

Some people become very upset over the treasured holidays. This is not meant to do that, but it is meant to give an explanation of why certain holidays are celebrated and the roots of those holidays. Again, keep an open mind and ask God for the truth.


  1. Where did traditional holidays come from?
  2. What does God say in the Bible about all of this?
  3. Do roots of traditions matter?
  4. Should we please man’s or God’s desires in celebration?


stonehenge-620_1790850c  Traditional celebrations formed somewhere, but where? Read the Articles in the Additional Information section. They go pretty in depth as to how these traditions came to be. In all things, we need to remember to celebrate as God ask us. So, no matter what the occasion, we should be promoting a Christian ideal, not a worldly one. If it’s Halloween; demons and devils are not what we should be promoting. If it’s Christmas, we should not be replacing Jesus with another mystical person (Santa). With that said, it’s good to know where these people (Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc…) came about being. Many are surprised to learn of the Pagan roots with each of these traditions.

I went through a period of time where I felt it would be against God to celebrate anything with pagan roots, which were to be used for pagan Gods. God specifically tells us not to worship (celebrate) other Gods. We should always aim to glorify God in our lifes. Easter was born from pagan Gods. I don’t think Jesus had anything to do with a little bunny dropping colored chicken eggs anywhere… But, I do believe it is permissible to celebrate the Birth of Christ, no matter what day of the year (since we don’t know his exact birth date). Evil days (Halloween) is still not good. Why would you expose yourself to the demonic world like that? These are common sense ideas. But, since we are studying for the truth, we need to look further. Yes, holidays we celebrate in America have pagan roots, but what else do we do that does not? Not much. We received our traditions from somewhere, and most from Europe (Rome). We have money that has Illuminati symbols, and cut our hair, and shave our faces, and do a whole lot of other stuff that even God’s speaks about not doing in certain respects.

For me, it all comes down to the heart. Are we celebrating the birth of Christ in Christmas or Santa? Santa is a lie, Christ is still alive. My family and I have changed the way we celebrate, so we can reflect Christ more. The bible speaks of Paul, and others celebrating family, life and love. Jesus even celebrated with the “sinners” who I can bet were not doing only Christian celebrations. Jesus knew to reach the world, we need to go into the world. To shut ourselves off from it, that is no way to reach others. We should be engage in sinful activity, but be a light to others who are being pulled by Christ. We can’t do that if we are unapproachable and out of the loop. For me and my family, we will serve the Lord. We will celebrate birthdays (especially Jesus’s birthday), and accomplishments. We will celebrate time with family (thanksgiving, July 4th, etc…). Paul tell us in 1 Corinthians 10:23: “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.” Partaking in sin during celebration is not edifying to God. It discredits your relationship and walk with Christ. Yet, being a light to others who do celebrate and think your “fun” to be around because they see the light in you. That is glorifying to God and a good win for the kingdom.

I included some videos which they agree you should not celebrate anything with Pagan roots. It’s not what I agree with, but it’s a good outlook on the background and ideas people will present to you. Look over everything carefully, do your own research, and pray diligently. An ignorant person is not as useful as an open and receptive Christian who is willing to fight for the truth.



Additional Information

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