What Bible version do I need?

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bible_versionDebate about the best bible version exist because we simply cannot agree on the best translation. Some are word for word, some translate by what the authors believe the meaning is. Either way, it’s important to be educated on the types of translations and to pick one that fits you best. For me, I would always seek something close to the original translation. Maybe the KJV or even the NASB due to it accuracy. If you plan to really study the word, it’s best to learn Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic to discover the absolute meanings of the passages. But, that takes a long time and we don’t need to put off reading the word just to learn three different languages. Heck most people put off reading the translated versions because they claim to be too busy.

Hopefully this small guide will help you understand the differences in versions and allow you to choose the right one.


  1. Translation is important for us to understand in our own language
  2. Each Bible translation is unique
  3. The Bible is the inspired Word of God
  4. Understand different versions of the Bible and where they came from
  5. Some translations miss entire verses of the original
  6. Some translations completely state a different message than others
  7. Some translations depend on words while others meaning
  8. It is important to choose a God inspired translation to understand His word


While we all don’t have the time to learn three different languages quick enough to make sence of the original biblical text, we do live in an age where others have done so for us. The only catch, to find a Bible which is accurate to the original and understandable. God inspired the original manuscripts: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” – 2 Timothy 3:16. He has gathered His servants together to create an original text and beautifully written translations of the original. This is not an article to beat up any translation, but to inform Warriors in Christ (such as yourself) to choose wisely the inspired word of God which reflects His heart.


Understanding the origin of the Bible is very helpful to discovering the intent and meaning of the text. If there are over 200 Bible versions out there, and by copyright laws, every new version must differ by 10% or more from the original, something must be wrong and different. And we know our God is not a God of confusion. There is only one true inspired word of God. Its important to know what that is and where it came from. I encourage you to check out the other materials in this session and, putting pride aside, decide for yourself.

In short, I am a firm believer that God placed every word in the Bible as He designed it. I believe there is a Bible Code and a certain flow to the words. To achieve this, I agree the KJV is a close translation from the original. I would take a look at the above chart and notice what versions are translated and how. But, be aware, the Bible has been translated from two different original sources. Know the difference. Also, keep in mind that it may be best to have a word for word translation than the thoughts of some authors putting their paraphrasing on paper. BUT… for a child or someone who is new to the faith, a more paraphrased version may serve them better until they mature in their walk. Seek God and His direction.


Additional Information

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