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    The tracker component of Pure Cross Training is very helpful. Currently, it is being tested and you can help! Below is an excel file with a lot of area’s to track your daily results. Soon, this program will be online and the tracker will record, track and present all the fitness, nutrition, spiritual and discipleship activities you participate in. This is a very exciting app and it will be available to members only.

    Download the file and begin to enter your information. Every time you want to enter something but realize there is a mistake or there needs more fields added, comment below or e-mail us and we will work on a revision. Once I have the product which seems to be a solid product, we will turn it into an online program and possibly create an app with it integrated. Happy tracking!
Update!!! – This is not the current tracking software I use. I use something a lot simpler, as  don’t need all the fields. But, this is a great tool to look at and use if you are interested. Get rid of what you don’t want and add what you do.

excel_logo  Workout/Devotional/Spiritual Log v2.2

    This was originally taken from a Crossfit member as a workout log. We are starting at version 1.1. Please add comments below so I can add ideas on new versions.
4/22/2013 – Additional Layout Revisions, all features graphed out, added new fields, updated home page, removed PR Summary and combined into one page. (v2.2)
3/29/2013 – Complete Revamp of Entire Layout. Added Devotional/Spiritual Tracker Components. Added About Page/Home Page. Updated from .xls files to .xlsx (v2.1)
3/28/2013 – Reformatted, additional health information added (v1.2)
3/12/2013 – Original Workout Tracking Log added (v1.1)

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