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    Operation Cross Training is a global ministry designed to raise Christian Warriors through community involvement (local group events, mud runs, affiliate competitions, etc...), platform events (speaking, artist, etc...), and online learning and tracking (courses and journal). Integrated with a fun ranking structure, we enlist unique motivation to complete courses to become more knowledgeable about spiritual matters, our selves and the world around us (this is just the starting point). We also connect with affiliate locations to interact on a more community level. Our journal is full of insightful, up-to-date relevant Christ centered information. Stay connected with our newsletter.


Acquire Your Faith through Physical Preparedness, Faithful Discipleship and Spiritual Unity. Seek God, Train Smart, Work Hard, and Never Give Up!

Zone Nutrition – Basics

Written by Chris. Posted in Health & Fitness, Journal

zone_dietExperts talk about and review the Zone Guild (designed by Barry Sears) for proper nutrition. Dr. Barry Sears  gives introduction and information on the Zone. Matt Chan describes how the zone is applied to Crossfit and general fitness.

Should Christians Celebrate Secular Holidays?

Written by Chris. Posted in Discipleship & Study, Journal

truth_about_holidays  There are quite a few holidays in the world that people celebrate. But why? Well, to remember something special happened on those days. We celebrate birthdays to remember the beginning of our life in the world. We celebrate for job promotions, people being born again, etc… But what about traditional celebrations? Where did they originate from and what are we really celebrating? After reading through this and watching the media, you should be able to make an informed decision yourself about what you celebrate.

Why Does The Bible mention Unicorns?

Written by Chris. Posted in Discipleship & Study, Journal

unicornAfter reading through some scriptures in the Bible on the topic covering unicorns, I had some questions. And who wouldn’t? I grew up to believe unicorns were mythological and, in some respects, evil magic stuff… In any case, it’s in the Bible. So, if we believe the bible to be true, they must be true as well. After researching unicorns in the Bible, I came across a post on the Creation Today website by Nathan Hoffman. After reading it, I believe he may be spot on about unicorns. After speaking with Mr. Hoffman, he allowed me repost this. It is a good read, and the video is excellent. Below is both.

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